Bar Rentals


4′ White Bar



6′ White Bar



6′ Serpentine Skirted White Bar $85.00

8′ Serpentine Skirted White Bar $95.00


4′ Black Bar



6′ Black Bar



6′ Serpentine Skirted Black Bar $85.00

8′ Serpentine Skirted Black Bar $95.00

4′ White Leather Bar


4′ Frosted Bar


3′ Illuminated Bar


Bar Rentals

A party would be dull and boring without those colorful drinks, and the perfect bar to hold them up.  Additionally, at every party there should be a bar where you can put down your wine glass as well as party accessories to mix those drinks.  It is, however, important that you choose the right kind of bar that suits your party’s needs.  Good thing that with us at B and B Party Rentals of New Jersey we know exactly what kind of bar you need to make your party unforgettable!

If you are in need of a good quality and sturdy bar then you need not look further for other bar rental providers.  B and B Party Rentals of New Jersey will not only provide you with top notch kind of bars but we also assure you that you will be getting them at a very affordable price!  No wonder people here in New Jersey make sure that they get our bar rentals every time they hold a party or event.

With us at B and B Party Rentals, you will get to choose the perfect bar to suit the theme of your party as well as your budget.  From a white bar for simpler events to a Serpentine skirted bar for more formal events, we carry it all.  Our bar rentals are very affordable and we assure you that you will get what you will pay for!  Our bars are in great condition; no peeled paint, splinters and such!  You will get nothing but beautiful and sturdy bar rentals all the time.

So if you are planning to host an event of the year make sure that we handle your party accessories.  We will provide you high quality services and the most popular bar rentals here in New Jersey.  You’d be amaze at the quality of our bars that you will surely make your bookings early for future events!