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Even if you are hosting an informal event where guests mingle with one another you will need someplace for all of the party items to be placed. You will need a base for the food and drink, someplace for guests to fix themselves something to eat, and a table to hold all the party goods. If your party is a more formal event then you will need additional tables to seat the guests comfortably.

That is where B & B Tent and Party Rental of New Jersey can help you! We provide high quality tables that can seat as few or as many guests as you may be expecting. Additionally, our table rentals are available in different shapes like circle, square, and rectangular. We also have specialty tables like the half moon and serpentine where you can form different shapes, and use them for buffets and dessert bars. All tables come in multiple sizes so you can customize your order to suit the number of guests you would like seated at one table.

So whether it’s a formal or informal bash you are hosting, allow B & B Tent and Party Rental of New Jersey to take care of the details. From tables to chairs, the linens covering them, or tents to shield your guests, B & B Tent and Party Rental of New Jersey is the place to go.