Medium Silver Series Restroom Trailer Rental


*There is an additional charge of $400.00 if water is needed and we cannot connect to an outdoor hose bib within 50′-75′.

Our Silver Series is sure to please, equipped with air conditioning and heat, hand soap and hand towels, waste baskets, hot and cold running water, baby changing station, indirect lighting, roof vents, and exterior lighting. Although the Silver Series does not have the luxurious feel of the Platinum Series, the fresh look and functionality of the Medium Silver Series Restroom Trailer is a sure crowd pleaser!


  • Stereo system with AM/FM radio, compact disc and cassette player with ceiling mounted speakers.
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Hand soap, hand towels and waste basket
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Indirect lighting
  • Large vanity mirrors
  • Roof vents
  • Elegant exterior
  • Wide steps with deep landings
  • Exterior lighting
  • Optional 300-gallon on-board water supply


  • Placement must be within 50 feet of electrical supply; (3) dedicated 110-volt / 20-amp outlets
  • Placement must be within 50 feet of a water line; we supply a garden hose
  • Accommodates approximately 750 people over a 4-hour period
  • *Over-usage will result in an overflow and inadequate sanitation service for your guests